servers and storage


Combining server and storage hardware into easily managed, less complex nodes resulting in a simpler system, faster deployment and improved availability and DR capabilities


Always have the latest technology. No forklift upgrades. Continual uptime and reducing stress caused by unpredictable growth. Faster time to revenue and no overprovisioning pay as you go. Most like a "cloud" scale up/down solution but usually on prem/in a managed Datacentre


Utilising modern features perhaps not available on legacy SAN. Reduce vendor lock in. Re-purpose existing kit. Optimise management capabilities with software management enhancements


Best of both worlds - Cloud and On-prem services. Maintain control while maximising high availability and DR capabilities. Ensure global application/data access. Migrate workloads to get best possible return on investment


Reducing energy costs. Reduced cooling. Shrinking hardware footprint

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