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Modernise and Simplify with Unity All-Flash Storage from as low as £15k!

An All-Flash Array, also referred to as a SSA or Solid State Array, is data storage that contains multiple Flash memory drives. When the term “All-Flash Array” is used, it is generally compared to other data storage such as spinning media, or more recently, Hybrid Flash Arrays, which are a combination of spinning media and Flash. However, All-Flash storage contains no moving parts, which means significantly less heat generated, less power utilized, and less maintenance.

Flash is now the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, efficiency, and speed. And thanks to EMC, businesses can begin their journey to the Modern Data Centre with the broadesto on the market.


Join Storm and EMC on 27th July @2.30pm to discover:

• Why the EMC All flash product portfolio will be significant in ‘Transformation to a modern datacentre’.

• EMC Unity AFA what this means to your business.

• How Unity promotes Speed, efficiency and agility in the data centre.

• The free Flash Assessment.


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